Monday, April 10, 2017

History Day Reflection

          Our project was a website on Alexander Hamilton. We had to relate our project to the theme which was taking a stand in history. Our project showed what he did throughout his life and how he took a stand.
          I agree with what the judges said about our project. They said that our project was well built but it didn't relate to the theme very well. I agree with this because we mostly just had facts on our website and not much explanation that showed how Alexander Hamilton took a stand.
          The most interesting thing I learned about during my research is how many things Alexander Hamilton did throughout his short life. He became secretary of treasury, got the U.S. out of debt, created the first national bank, and did many other things in his short life span. Other people might accomplish one big thing in a long life span but Alexander Hamilton accomplished a lot.
          The hardest part of our project was putting together our website. I think this because we had some difficulties with Weebly at first. It was also hard organizing and developing the website pages to make them look good. We had to tweak many things to make the website look crisp and well organized. This took us a long time.
          I improved as a learner and a student during this project by learning how to work with a team better. When our team was working on our project some of us had after school activities and other things going on that got in the way of after school work time. We had to learn to use our time wisely in class and work on it as much as we could whenever we had time. We also learned that we needed to have everybody working on something so we could divide and conquer our tasks and complete them faster.
          We could improve our project by relating it more to the theme. The judges told us that we needed to relate it more to the theme and I agree. To improve it we could add more explanation on each website section that tells how Alexander Hamilton took a stand. On each page we mostly just have a bunch of facts.
          During this project I was most proud of working well as a team and completing everything on time. We had some problems working as a team at first but then we got it all figured out. Working well as a team is a good trait to have and so is time management. I am proud of these things.

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